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I remember trying to get advice on undertaking jungle trips before my first expedition, and then, as now, there were very few people around with experience in paddling off without local guides, and with the minimum of fuss and equipment.

'Why don't you try Major General Smythe-Fortescue',  suggested the Royal Geographical Society. 'He spent years fighting the Japanese in the jungles of Burma.'

So I penned a letter to this tough old war hero, outlining my plans, and appealing for any advice he might have.

 A few weeks later a reply arrived. Two sentences long.


     ‘You’ll have a wonderful time. Just  remember to keep your boots polished and your crotch powdered.’


  It’s a long time ago now. I might have got that the wrong way round.



So if you do have any questions,  about proposed trips, equipment, or anything else,  feel free to contact me at




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